Maki International
The Women of Maki

The Prison

Most of Maki's creations are made by women residing in prison in Ayacucho. Almost all of these women have been charged with drug trafficking. Their sentences are harsh; many of them are serving 15-20 years. They often come from impoverished homes and are sought out by drug cartels to transport cocaine produced nearby in the jungle.

Mothers' Groups

Throughout Ayacucho, there are mothers' groups. Currently, we work with just one that is centered at the home of Meche and Faustino, two of the most talented and giving individuals one could ever hope to meet. Most of these ladies are single moms trying to provide for their children. We look forward to expanding our involvement with mother's groups in the surrounding communities.

Emergency Center

The women's emergency center is a resource location for women who are victims of domestic violence. We hold a knitting class there twice a week and currently have 30 enrollees. The goal is twofold -offer the women an environment of solidarity and camaraderie, and provide them with income.