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Solar Ovens: the Power of Sunshine!

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A prison in the Andes Mountains of South America might not be the image that comes to mind when you think of eco-friendly living. But a group of imprisoned women in Ayachucho, Peru are turning that assumption on its head as they get to work building solar-powered ovens. The new initiative, led by Martha Dudenhoeffer and her team of Cross Cultural Solutions volunteers, is helping provide resources for these ladies to help themselves.

Many of the prisoners make their own food and with no access to kitchens, the pickings get pretty meager. However, as Ayacucho is right on the border it does provide an excess of one wonderful power source: sunlight! Solar ovens require only sunshine to work… they don’t use any fuel and they don’t cost anything to power. Check out the photos below and see for yourself: anybody can change their corner of the world, no matter what their challenges!

Maki MTV Switch

Maki MTV Switch

Maki in MTV Switch