Maki International

What does "MAKI" mean?
MAKI is the Quechan word for "hands". Our name represents the reciprocal nature of our organization. All of our products are made with loving hands. In return, with every purchase, customers reach out their hands to help lift women out of poverty.

Where can I buy MAKI products?
MAKI products can be purchased in our shop and at a few select stores. To see if there is a store that carries MAKI in your area, check out our store locator.

Why are most of MAKI's products made with baby alpaca?
Baby alpaca is among the softest materials available, it is also indigenous to Peru and hypoallergenic.

How can I help?
There are many ways to lend a hand. Check out our ways to get involved.

I am the representative of a company/business/organization and we are interested in developing a strategic partnership with MAKI, how can we do this?
MAKI is eager to connect with you. Please contact us at

Stay in touch with Maki by sending us your e-mail address.